Stacked Rational SCC61 6 Grid Ovens with Stand (Can be Single Phase or 3 phase) 2011 fantastic order vat inc

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Stacked Rational

2011 model

Vat included in price and full vat invoice will be given

care control in Fantastic order has been fully serviced and total descale to boiler and loads new gaskets inc fan motor new seals

Stacked Rational SCC Electric

2011 Model

with 3 months part warranty

Power Supply: 3 phase electric

Dimensions: 850 mm x 800 mm x 1750 mm – 10 grid

Power Supply: 3 phase electric

Dimensions : 1017(h) x 847(w) x 771(d)mm. – 6 grid

Specifications for ovens

Convection Mode – ideal for pastries, breads, colouring & glazing.
Steam Mode – ideal for steaming pasta, rice, vegetables & meats.
Combination Mode – ideal for regenerating meals, plated banqueting & roasting
  • SelfCooking Control® with 9 cooking modes including:​
    • Roasts
    • Grills
    • Poultry
    • Fish
    • Baking
    • Side dishes
    • Finishing®​ ​
  • Combi-Steamer Mode with 3 modes: ​
    • Moist heat 30° C-130° C
    • Dry heat 30° C-300° C
    • Combination of moist heat and dry heat 30° C-300° C
  • Core temperature detection with 6-point measurement
  • HACCP data memory and output via USB interface
  • ClimaPlus Control® – humidity measurement and control
  • CalcDiagnosis System® CDS, incl. automatic self-clean for steam generator
  • CleanJet®, the automatic cleaning system
  • Manual cleaning program
  • Hand shower with automatic retracting system
  • All Rational SCC combi ovens are now supplied with the intelligent Care Control system as standard.
  • Essentially this means that all SCC units will no longer need an additional Calcium treatment unit as previously required.
  • Special lime scale solvents in the care-tabs prevent lime scale deposits from occurring in the first place. Even with very hard water, there is no need for expensive and maintenance-intensive water softening systems or regular manual descaling. Optimum operating safety is therefore ensured at all times.
  • The care control automatically detects the current level of the soiling, the general care status and optimises the cleaning process just in time, for reduced consumption of chemicals, water and energy. This is more efficient and kinder to the environment.
    • 9 Unique SelfCooking & 3 Combi Modes
    • 6 Point IQT Sensor
    • CalcDiagnosis® System Identifiies Limescale Build-Up
    • Carecontrol Intelligent Cleaning Process Maximises Operational Reliability
    • Delay Start Function
    • 1/2 Energy Saving Function
    • Full HACCP Download Function
    • Banqueting / Finishing Modes
    • 50mm drain connection.
    • Temperature ranges: 30°C to 130°C (steam), 30°C to 300°C (dry heat & combination).
    • Capacity : 10×1/1GN.
    • Material : Stainless Steel
    • Power Type : 400V. 19kW. 3 x 25.3A. Three phase

Price includes VAT
Working order: These ovens are fully working and serviced by our rational trained catering engineer
We have loads of other catering equipment in stock and can fully fit out a kitchen if required please do not hesitate to contact us

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Rational SCC Self Cooking Centre and Self cleaning

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