Refurbished Royal Synchro Espresso Coffee Machine

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Fully serviced and pressure tested, all working.

Royal Synchro manufacture top quality Italian-made 2 and 3 group professional coffee machines with the option of having one individual boiler per coffee group head which offers precise temperature control for very exact control of espresso brewing. The benefits of a 2 group espresso coffee machine can be summarised as: a ‘great coffee served here’ message, the theatre, the smart looks of an espresso coffee machine, the ability to make barista coffees to the exact needs of your customers and rugged and simple performance.

Please see a Royal Synchro compact 2 group espresso coffee machine video below:

Smartly designed and finished in a choice of colours in red, orange, white and metallic black, the Synchro features include:

  • 2 Steam Arms
  • 1 Hot Water Outlet
  • 14 Litre / 3.5kW Boiler – single-phase power

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