Rational scc whiteffcncy Dec 2015 model / This Oven that comes to you fully serviced and deep clean with stand .

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Rational scc whiteffcncy Dec 2015 model

This Oven that comes to you fully serviced and deep clean with stand .


This Rational SCC WE Combi Oven is the ideal solution for any catering establishment, perfect for hotels, restaurants, delis, hospitals and much more.


The combi oven features a patented high density control which ensures maximum uniformity every time.


It offers a powerful steam generator, dynamic air mixing and heat build-up and extremely effective de-humidification.


It also has a power reserve which helps to create a balance between power, air humidity and air flow.

This helps to create consistent heat which is spread evenly across the gas combi oven.

The steamer mode has a temperature range of 30°C to 300°C.

Rational’s Self Cooking Centre Whitefficiency models are available with 7 cooking modes, efficient control,

combi-steamer mode, ClimaPlus control, automatic finishing processes and Delta-T cooking as well as a

wide range of other features and benefits.

18.6kw connected load. 3 NAC 400V voltage. 80-150 meals per day.

With it’s self teaching operation which adapts to how the unit is used, this cooking range offers a self-configurable,

user-specific operating display, TFT colour monitor with touch screen, a central dial with push function,

user-specific variable operation and inbuilt program lock.


SelfCookingControl with 7 cooking modes; meat, poultry, fish, side dishes, egg dishes, baked products, finishing.


Efficient LevelControl (ELC) – mixed loads with individual rack monitoring and load-specific time adjustment for every rack
Combi-steamer Mode with 3 modes: Steam-30C to 130C, Hot air-30C to 300C, Combination of steam and hot air-30C to 300C
ClimaPlus Control- humidity measured, set and regulated to one percent accuracy
Automatic Finishing processes for plated banquets, buffets, a la carte, etc.
Delta-T function for gently cooking large joints
30% more load
30% faster
20% more efficient
Hi-density control – a quantum leap in cooking quality
Improved care control
Efficient level control.


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