Rational SCC Gas 20 Grid with Care Control, can be LPG , rational 201G oven 2017 model EX DEMO

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Rational SCC Gas 20 Grid with Care Control

Latest rational oven

we can do n gas or LPG


A world leader in Combination Oven Technology, Rational presents a complete solution for most catering establishments. German engineered, the Rational SCC range delivers exacting technology, excellence in manufacturing and a perfect companion for every chef.

A combi steamer is a professional cooking appliance which is mainly used in restaurants, hotels, industrial kitchens, catering operations, the foodservice industry, and industry catering. A big advantage is the use of steam, which means everything stays succulent.
A RATIONAL combi steamer offers a wide range of applications and is therefore a necessity in an industrial kitchen. Almost all of the cooking processes of a traditional kitchen can be carried out in a single appliance. Due to its versatility, it replaces traditional cooking appliances, such as tilting pans, boilers, roasting platters, grills, deep fryers, pressure steamers, holdomats, salamanders, microwave ovens, and convection ovens.

The Finishing® (reheating – ready to serve) function is also available to users. With this cooking process, pre-cooked and chilled foods can be brought to serving temperature in a short amount of time without any loss of quality. The quality of the food remains high because it is not kept warm for long hours and the food can be finished perfectly. It also minimises overproduction since only the quantity actually required is warmed up. Meat can be pre-roasted to 80% rare if it is to be cooked to medium after reheating.

The following settings can be utilised using the combi steamer:

* Steam cooking mode from 30°C to 130°C: The fresh steam is produced in the steam generator and carried into the cooking chamber in an unpressurised state and then dispersed with the fan wheel. Particularly suited for vegetables, potatoes, and fish.
* Convection / dry heat: temperature range between 30°C to 300°C, 0-100% maximum humidity. Particularly suited for all pan fried dishes, such as steaks, grilled products, and side dishes like roasted potatoes and baking pizza.
* Combined steam (hot steam): temperature range between 30°c to 300°C, 0-100% exact humidity. Particularly suited for roasting, meats, and poultry, as well as fish and baked goods.

Size: 879mm (W) x 791mm (D) x 1782mm (H)
Brand: Rational
Colour: Stainless Steel
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