Rational iCombi Classic Combi Oven ICC 10-1/1/G / The new combi-steamer for all who know their trade.

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Rational iCombi Classic Combi Oven ICC 10-1/1/G

The new combi-steamer for all who know their trade.



The Rational iCombi Classic 1011G combi oven offers a wide range of modes including steaming and convection for different foods and cooking styles so is ideal for high-output food services and restaurants. Fully gastronorm compatible, the oven can accommodate up to ten 1/1 pans making it perfect for quick transfer between appliances and produce between 80 to 150 meals per day.
Easy to operate oven which includes the ability to save up to 100 recipe programs, meaning you can quickly retrieve a large volume of different menu items. When it comes to cleaning the oven, there are four automatic cleaning programmes available to ensure your oven remains clean and keeps producing excellent results.


Product features

Capacity 10 x 1/1GN
Dimensions 1014(H) x 850(W) x 842(D)mm
Material Stainless Steel
Output 80-150 meals per day
Temperature Range 30°C to 300°C
Voltage 230V
Warranty 2 Years On-Site Parts & Labour
Weight 139kg
Colour Stainless Steel
10 x 1/1 GN capacity
80-150 meals per day
Manual operating modes: Steam, convection and combination
Colour display screen with push button control
4 automatic cleaning programmes
Phosphate free active cleaner
Retractable hand shower
5 speed fan
Wi-Fi enabled (optional).



Optional connectable combi-steamer according to DIN 18866 for automatic cooking. Gas-heated table top unit for hygienic, flush-mounted setting up with the back flush against the wall. The unit is made of stainless steel DIN 1.4301 on the inside and outside and features a seamless interior with rounded corners, optimised air flow and is insulated to prevent the emission of heat. Electronic safety temperature limiter for convection heating and steam generation as well as integrated fan wheel brake. Active high-performance dehumidification ensures a perfect cooking result even with full loads. Integrated, maintenance-free grease seperation system with no additional fat filter. Dynamic air circulation in the cooking cabinet through a reversing fan wheel with 5 different speeds, which is controlled depending on the situation and can be programmed manually.

The unit features a rear-ventilated double-glazed cabinet door with a swivelling inside pane featuring a heat-reflecting special coating as well as a press-fit door seal for easy cleaning and replacing of the seal without a technician. The door is equipped with a handle for one-handed opening and a “slam function”. Furthermore, the unit boasts a colour display of at least 4.3” and a real-time clock. The cooking cabinet has energy-saving, long-lasting LED lighting. Lengthwise loading of the interior via a fixed hinging rack (minimum rail distance 68 mm) or a mobile oven rack (at least 64 mm) for 6 grids or trays (1/1 GN) is possible for GN accessories. Integrated odour trap for waste water connection to fixed network or free drain. A connection to an energy optimisation system according to DIN 18875 is possible. The top level of the oven rack does not exceed a height of 1.6 m when installed correctly in the standard set-up. Automatic adjustment to the place of installation (height/boiling point) is effected via unit calibration.

Simple, speech-free operation using icons. 2-year warranty incl.


. The unit features the following cooking modes:

steaming, hot air and combi-steam with full humidity control, regenerating, low, Delta-T cooking, core temperature regulation, cool-down. Adjustable cooking cabinet temperature between +30 °C and +300 °C. Units feature fully automatic measurement to 10 percent accuracy, regulation and display of the degree of humidity in the cooking cabinet. Through regulation of the cooking cabinet climate, previously prepared dishes can be reheated or finished when already served on plates. Up to 100 cooking programs with as many as 12 cooking steps can be programmed and individually titled in different languages (including those with different alphabets). Pressureless steam generation by means of a fresh steam generator with self-cleaning programme as well as automatic descaling and maintenance, independent of the specified water hardness. Operation without water softening system The self-cleaning program means that manual descaling is no longer necessary. Service diagnosis system with an automatic indicator of service messages and a self-test function for active assessment of unit functions. The unit is equipped with a fully automatic cleaning system that is independent of water pressure and features several cleaning levels. Use of cleaner tabs free of phosphorus and phosphate to clean, ensure work safety. The unit features different cleaning programmes, even overnight cleaning without monitoring.Integrated hand shower with automatic retraction system and switchable spray and single jet function. Optional fully integrated WLAN interface without an external antenna and optional ethernet interface for connection to a cloud-based networking solution for remote access. Central programming of cooking programs and allocation to the units. Recording of service and HACCP data, current cooking cabinet climate, the set cooking mode and the remaining cooking time. Output also possible via integrated USB interface for local data exchange or via a cloud solution, without the need for special software from the manufacturer. Management of cooking programs and production management as well as unit management all possible via a cloud-based solution.



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