Falcon Chargrill 10 Burners 150cm , table top grill, peri peri grill, water tray/ natural gas / model G31525 / £2200 no stand If u need stand they £300.

£2,200.00 inc VAT

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We have in stock a very nice

Falcon 10 Burner Chargrill 150cm

Fantastic for Peri peri take away

 water tray/ LATEST MODEL, natural gas / model G31525

£1900 no stand

If u need stand they £300


Add succulent, perfectly branded food to your menu with our range of high performance chargrills.
The advanced radiant design ensures optimum heat transfer and distribution while eliminating cool spots.
Even cooking is delivered across the entire grilling surface to produce attractively branded food with consistently succulent results.

■ Stainless steel sides, control panel, top trim, backsplash and grease trough.

■ Full width front grease drawers.

■ Heavy duty cast iron char-radiants and burners.

■ 5 1⁄4″ wide sloped cast iron grates are reversible for “level”  broiling or self-cleaning. Cast in pitched grease trough in each grate blade provides fat run-off and controls flareups.

■ One 14,500 BTU/hr. burner for each broiler grate.

■ Standing pilot ignition system.

■ One infinite heat control valve for each burner.

■ Underburner deflector system reflects heat upwards creating a  “Cool Zone” in the grease drawer and drip areas.

■ 4″ adjustable legs.

■ 3⁄4″ rear gas connection and gas pressure regulator

One infinite heat control valve for each burner.

87,000 BTU, 36-1/8in.W

no stand

If u need stand they £300


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