Electrolux linear breading table. Used for few weeks Double size.

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Electrolux linear breading table.
Used for few weeks
Double size


 Breading system with high resistant plastic basins provided with lifting system. The plastic basins are easily removable from the work top thanks to 2 integrated handles. The bottom part of the basins has a rectangular hole, with cap, for discharging the flour into the intermediate hopper and finally into the sifting drum to be automatically filtered. The cap is designed to avoid unintentional removal during the breading phase.
The automatic sifting system is provided by a rotation drum that is equipped with an expanded mesh, done by squared holes profile, for an optimized and consistent filtering of the flour and equipped by an internal helix profile to finally remove the residual dough balls. The drum collects the exhaust flour which comes from plastic hopper and, due to rotating, filters the flour from the dough balls. The flour, passing through the holes falls into the plastic basin parked on the bottom of the appliance and the dough balls stay blocked inside the drum. When all the flour has been filtered, the drum changes the direction of rotation and the dough balls, captured by the internal helix of the drum, automatically move from the drum to the external removable dough balls catcher.
Sifting cycle
Push the button to activate the flour sifting system.
The cycle is structured as following:
-first sifting phase: (counter clockwise rotation)
-sequences of clockwise and counter clockwise phases for an optimized sifting
-expelling dough balls phase, clockwise
Total cycle lasts 4 minutes and 30 seconds.
Automatic soaking system/dipping well with automatic cleaning, water refilling and water discharge; the soaking/dipping well area is made by a well welded on the work top with a collar that protects from water infiltration from the top.
The particular shape of the dipping well and the water spray nozzles have been developed to have an optimized and automatic cleaning of the area.
1 – The automatic cycle is organized in 4 steps:
a) Drainage water valve opening
b) Rinse by fresh water through spray injectors
c) Drainage valve closing
d) Refill fresh water by spray injectors
2 – The cycle of water discharge is structured as:
a) Drainage valve opening
b) Valve holding in opening position
c) Drainage valve closing.

  • 3 – To discharge the water and to maintain the drainage valve permanently opened (this is to permit the cleaning (by brush) of the drainage internal part), push the button “start cycle” for more than 3 seconds (when the cycle is on-going the LED is blinking). The water valve will close by pushing the button “drain cycle” on the extreme right side of the control panel. In any case, when the button “AUTO” is pushed, the valve will close and refill the dipping well.


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